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A New Approach to Dental Care

When patients lack the necessary bone structure to accommodate a dental implant, our dentists can perform a bone graft here at Alpha Dental Excellence. We can help you determine whether a bone graft is right for you. You are welcome to contact our office at (215) 515-2393 to learn more about the process of bone grafting and to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Arpan Patel and our highly-trained dental experts.

A bone graft is an oral surgery procedure that may be required if your jawbone is not dense or thick enough. During a bone graft, we will transplant a piece of bone from another area of your jaw or body to your jawbone. While we typically see best results with bone taken from your own body, we can also utilize artificial bone material or bone fragments from a tissue bank if needed. Your jawbone then grows together with the grafted bone tissue, creating a stronger, more stable foundation.
You may need a bone graft if your bone density is insufficient to support a dental implant or other types of treatment. After a tooth is lost or extracted, the jawbone begins to resorb (or deteriorate) at the site of the tooth extraction. The resorption must be corrected before the dental implant is placed. While bone grafts are most commonly needed for implant dentistry, they may also be required for certain types of periodontal therapy when the bone has been lost due to gum disease.

You Can Have It All!

It can be difficult to find a dental office that provides both advanced technology and compassionate care, but you can have it all here!