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Dental Implant Robot

    Same-Day Surgery
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Robot-Guided Dental Implants

Although many patients see great success with dental implants, there is always room for unforeseen issues and human error. How do the experts at Alpha Dental Excellence avoid these issues and provide the very best in patient experience? We welcome and utilize The Yomi Robot, the first and only FDA-approved robotic surgical system that allows our team to deliver a better patient experience. Discover why the professionals at Alpha Dental Excellence trust Yomi to guide our implant treatments with enhanced precision and leave patients smiling.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is robot-assisted implant surgery?

    Robot-assisted implant surgery is a technique where a surgeon uses a robot to aid in placing implants or prosthetic devices in the body. The Yomi robot's precise movements and enhanced visualization help improve surgical accuracy and outcomes for our patients at Alpha Dental Excellence. It can filter hand tremors, navigate complex anatomical structures, and facilitate minimally-invasive procedures that allow for less discomfort and faster healing times.

  • Are robotic surgery procedures safe?

    Robotic surgery procedures are generally very safe, offering benefits such as increased precision and reduced invasiveness. However, like any surgery, there are potential risks and complications involved, including injury, infection, or technical malfunctions. Proper patient-surgeon discussions and a skilled surgical team are essential to assess individualized risks and benefits, ensuring patient safety.

  • Does robot-assisted implant surgery replace my dentist?

    No, robot-assisted implant surgery does not replace your dentist. While robot-assisted surgery can aid in the placement of implants, it is still a surgical technique that requires the expertise and guidance of a trained dental professional. Your dentist plays a crucial role in diagnosing your dental condition, planning the treatment, determining the need for implants, and overseeing the entire process. They will work in collaboration with the surgical team, including the Yomi robot, to ensure the best possible outcome for your dental implant procedure. Your dentist will also provide post-operative care and follow-up to monitor the healing process and maintain your oral health.

  • What should I know about robot-assisted implant surgery?

    When it comes to robot-assisted surgery, you should know that the use of the robot is simply another tool to help aid your dentist in giving you the best possible experience. Your implantologist will combine the guides provided by the robot and their expert knowledge and skill to ensure you have a comfortable implant placement. Your dental professional will be in full control throughout the entire procedure.

  • How experienced are surgeons with robot-assisted implant surgery?

    Surgeons undergo specific training to acquire the skills necessary for robot-assisted surgery. Our dental professionals at Alpha Dental Excellence have the proper training and expertise to safely utilize the Yomi robot with our patients.

  • How can robot-assisted implant surgery benefit me?

    Benefits may include increased precision, improved visualization, reduced invasiveness, smaller incisions, less blood loss, and potentially faster recovery compared to traditional surgery.

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