Excellent Oral Health

At Alpha Dental Excellence, our talented dentists and team provide specialized dentistry to restore a damaged or otherwise unhealthy smile to its full health. The services we provide include:

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Bone Grafting

When patients lack the necessary bone structure to accommodate a dental implant, our dentists can perform a bone graft here at Alpha Dental Excellence. We can help you determine whether a bone graft is right for you.

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Oral Surgery

At Alpha Dental Excellence, our goal is to be your sole dental health provider by performing everything from simple surgeries, such as tooth extractions, to more specialized operations.

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Dental Implants

Alpha Dental Excellence offers dental implants. If you have a single missing tooth or even need to replace an entire row of teeth or dental arch, implants can be a wise investment in your oral health.

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Our dentists and our affiliated orthodontists can help you achieve a straighter smile through modern, hygienic methods by offering a variety of orthodontic services, such as braces, ClearCorrect, and bite adjustment treatments.

root canal in Sunnyvale, CA

Root Canal Treatment

Our dentists may choose root canal therapy to save a tooth that would otherwise die and need to be extracted. To save the tooth, we will remove the decayed tooth pulp and fills the tooth cavity with special dental materials to restore strength and beauty.

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Sedation Dentistry

Alpha Dental Excellence offers sedation dentistry for patients in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. We understand that for millions of adults, visiting the dentist can be an overwhelming or frightening experience due to dental anxiety.

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Tooth Extractions

Our dentists may recommend a tooth extraction if you have a tooth that is significantly damaged or has become severely decayed. A tooth extraction can greatly improve the health and function of your smile.

wisdom teeth removal

Sleep Apnea

If you struggle with getting a good night’s rest, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. If you suspect sleep apnea, we invite you to meet with our dentists. We will evaluate your symptoms and determine your treatment, if necessary.