sedation dentistry


Dental Anxiety

If you experience intense nervousness or fear when visiting the dentist, you may benefit from sedation dentistry, which can help you relax during your appointments. Our dentists and team often recommend sedation dentistry for patients who have dental phobias, sensitive teeth, strong gag reflexes, or difficulty getting numb.
Sedation dentistry is a wonderful choice for patients who feel anxious or nervous about their dental treatment. Sedation dentistry involves using a sedative medication to help you feel more relaxed and calm during your visit.

There are several types of sedation dentistry available based on your individual needs and preferences:

  • Nitrous oxide (N2O)

    Also known as laughing gas. This sedative gas is mixed with oxygen and inhaled during your treatment to help you feel more relaxed. Nitrous oxide is a mild form of sedation that wears off within just a few minutes after we stop the flow of gas.

  • Oral sedation

    It involves taking oral medication before your treatment. By the time of your appointment, you will feel calm and at ease.

  • IV sedation

    It involves administering sedative medication intravenously (through the veins). This method of delivery enables our dentists to provide the sedation more quickly, as well as easily control the level of sedation to ensure that you stay comfortable. IV sedation is a form of conscious sedation, meaning that it will not make you unconscious, but you may feel so relaxed that you fall asleep during your treatment. You may also not remember all of the details of your visit.


Sedation dentistry will help you feel more comfortable during your treatment. Our experienced dentists and team will ensure that your entire treatment is safe. Each member of our team is highly trained, and we will carefully monitor you during your visit. Depending on your sedation option, you may need to have a friend or family member available to drive you to and from your appointment.
If you suffer from dental anxiety, have had negative experiences at the dentist in the past, or simply feel nervous about your treatment, sedation dentistry can help you feel more at ease. Sedation dentistry is also a good choice for patients with difficulty getting numb or an extremely sensitive gag reflex.

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