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    Book a virtual online consultation with Dr. Patel from the comfort of your own home. Discuss remedies and treatment options before you come in for care.


    If you are in pain or have an infection, you may need a prescription or advice on what medications could help. During your virtual consultation with Dr. Patel, we can assess what prescription, if any, you would be in need of.

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    If your dental emergency requires immediate attention, our dentists will get you into the office immediately or or on the same day to get you relief.

What Emergency are you dealing with?

We treat all dental emergencies! Please call us right away if you need immediate help, and use the information below to help relieve your immediate pain or discomfort before you can make it into our office.

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    You Broke or Chipped a Tooth

    This is one of the most painful types of emergency. Please give us a call as soon as possible, as we do not wish for you to get an infection. Home remedies include rinsing out your mouth with warm salt water and taking over-the-counter medication while we work to get you in. If there is swelling, put an ice pack on the affected area.

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    Broken Fillings, Crowns, Veneers

    Hopefully, you did not swallow it. If you that, that is okay. Try to keep the crown, veneer or filling and bring it in with you. Please call us as soon as possible so that we can get you in.

    In the meantime, sensitivity may persist, especially to the cold or currents of air. You may want to use clove oil or get a temporary filling material from a pharmacy and follow the included instructions for placement.

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    Any Type of Dental Pain

    Toothaches can be the symptom of a lot of different issues. Please call us immediately so that we can get you in to the office or have a virtual consultation with our doctor. Depending on where you are having pain, the best way to alleviate the discomfort is to take over-the-counter pain medications and rinse out with warm salt water.

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    Something Is Lodged Between Your Teeth

    When something gets stuck between your teeth, infection could be on the horizon. You may or may not have pain associated with this. The best action to take is to gently floss in the area and try to keep the area as clean as possible. If within 24 hours the discomfort has gotten better or is gone, you just played dentist. If not, please call us and get in to see us ASAP.

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    Dental Infections & Extensive Decay

    There are a number of reasons why a patient could have a dental infection. Any type of infection can have a detrimental effect not only to the surrounding area but to your overall health as well. Abscessed teeth or gum swelling should be treated with antibiotics and a treatment solution from our dentists ASAP. Do not put this off. If the swelling gets too close to your eye or throat, please quickly get yourself to an emergency room for immediate care.

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    Orthodontic Appliance Adjustment Causing Pain

    There are very few things that could go wrong with braces. However, one of the common emergencies arises when patients have brackets that are loose or wires that are digging into their gums. The best thing to do is to call us so that we can alleviate the wire issue or submit your brackets temporarily until you see your orthodontist. In the meantime, you can get some ortho wax from a pharmacy and apply it to the irritating area.

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    You Bit Your Tongue or Cheek

    This happens quite a bit, especially when you are eating too fast or chewing gum or not paying attention while chewing. Most of the time, this trauma has pain associated with it. The best thing to do is rinse with warm water and take some over-the-counter pain medications. If the injury is deeper, please call us ASAP so that we can get you in and assess the wound. Stitches may be necessary. If there is bleeding, please apply pressure with a paper napkin until you are able to get to us.

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    TMJ Pain

    Clicking or popping of the jaw in the long run could cause TMJ pain. TMJ pain is a result of a muscular dysfunction or a bite-related issue. You should immediately call us to seek solutions to getting this under control. In the meantime, you can take over-the-counter pain medication to help with the discomfort, and place ice right in front of the ears where the TMJ is located to get relief.

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    Broken Dentures or Partials

    Dentures and partials are oftentimes made of a material called acrylic, which can sometimes crack or break when being used and handled. If this happens, it is unfortunate. We would advise that you call us immediately so we can get you in and fix the crack or breakage. Oftentimes, we will need to find out why this happened, so keep track of what you were eating or how it broke so that we can avoid this sort of situation in the future.

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    Wisdom Teeth Pain

    Wisdom teeth can be painful, whether they are erupting or impacted. This pain could come about frequently or spontaneously. A lot of times, the gums around the wisdom teeth will get infected due to a patient's inability to clean all the way into the back of the mouth. This is a condition called pericoronitis. If you have wisdom teeth pain, please come in ASAP to see us so that we can talk about removal options and help preserve the surrounding teeth. In the meantime, you can take over-the-counter pain medication to manage your discomfort.

* Recommendations made on this website for dental emergencies are general remedies. We highly recommend that you call and speak to our dentists directly to have a more in-depth recommendation. If we are not able to get you in right away, we highly recommend that you visit the local ER.



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